Race 5: Brands Hatch Superprix 30.06.19 – Entry List

70s will be returning to the magnificent Brands Hatch Superprix for the first time since 2017 the 30 minute race will be a wonderful challenge for competitors taking place towards the end of a full weekend of historic motorsport organised by the HSCC.

Sunday qualifying for 70s begins at 10.25 for 15 minutes
Round 5 – Sunday: Starts at 16.50 for 30 minutes  

Live timing will be available to view at: 

Image: Martin Cooper

01 Jez Clark Lotus Elan S4 C 37 C-01
02 Adam Bagnall Jaguar E-Type S2 A 51 A-01
03 Pete Connell Porsche 924 D 03 D-11
04 Ken Rorrison Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV D 11 D-05
10 Nigel Ashley Lotus Europa C 12 C-06
11 Howard Payne Lotus Europa C 30 C-02
14 Chris Holland Lotus 7 C 15 C-05
19 Will Leverett Lotus Europa C 27 C-03
20 Mark Leverett Lotus Elan C 23 C-04
25 William Jenkins Porsche 914-6 I NA NA
28 Simon Baines Porsche 924 D 00 D-00
30 John Williams Porsche 911 B 12 B-03
42 Dave Karaskas TVR 3000M B 00 B-00
44 Tom Owen Datsun 240Z I NA NA
45 Rupert Ashdown Lotus Elan I NA NA
56 Sarah Hutchison Lancia Beta D 04 D-10
61 Lawrence Alexander Alfa Romeo Alfetta D 00 D-00
72 Jim Dean Lotus Europa C 00 C-00
73 Jason Brooks TVR 3000M B 00 B-00
74 Mike Neumann Alfa Romeo 2000GTV D 00 D-00
76 Dave Erwin Alfa Romeo 2000GTV D 00 D-00
96 Adam Ross Alfa Romeo Spider D 06 D-07
114 Jai Sharma Ferrari 308 B 00 B-00
128 John Hall Datsun 240Z B 00 B-00
131 Mark Bennett MGB GTV8 A 32 A-02
151 John Dickson Ferrari 308 B 00 B-00
308 Greg Thornton Ferrari 308 I NA NA

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Regulations 2020

The 2020 HSCC 70s Road Sport Championship Regulations are now available to download.