Technical Regulations – A Helping Hand

Our aim is to ensure all cars competing in the 70s Road Sports Championship comply with the Regulations.

It has become apparent recently that many competitors rely on the word of their preparation specialists to confirm the technical specifications of their competition cars, which unfortunately as recent events have shown has not always proved to be accurate.

Eligibility Scrutineer Nigel Edwards has offered to spend time with any 70s competitor (novice or not) to guide them through the HSCC scrutineering process. 

We believe that being able to ensure with confidence that all competing cars are compliant with their correct specification will promote demonstrably fair racing and remove one area of stress from a race weekend 

Following the post race checks at Donington Park the value of being certain that your car complies with our Technical Regulations should be obvious to all. In return for his technical help and support we suggest that all competitors who take advantage of Nigel’s generous offer should at the very least reimburse Nigel’s travelling expenses

Nigel Edwards
MSAUK Scrutineer Car & Eligibility
(Licence 15190) and HTP Registrar
01903 742505 or 07875 111554


When contacting Nigel it would be useful if you were able to tell him whether your car has a current VIF, when the VIF was approved and whether you have made any changes to the specification of you car since the VIF was issued. Download Regulations

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Regulations 2020

The 2020 HSCC 70s Road Sport Championship Regulations are now available to download.